What Clients are Saying About their Experience

“Ashley helped me through my labor that did not go the way I had planned. She helped me through an anxiety attack and calmed me when I thought the pain was more than I could handle. She was the guiding voice I needed to tell me I could do it. I surely would not of had such a wonderful birthing experience without her, especially because of the route my journey had to take. I would recommend her to anyone but especially a first time mom. She helped ensure that all of my birth wishes were followed where possible and made sure no one pressured me to do anything I didn’t want to do. I will be calling Ashley for all of my future births because I know she truly cares and she did an amazing job, going above and beyond in all ways. We are so grateful and have so much love for her! “

-EvaMaria Foltz

"Ashley is the most amazing person I never knew I needed in my birth. Even for me as 3rd-time mom she was so tremendously helpful. I reached all of my goals during my labor and birth with her including having a successful VBA2C. I don't believe I could have achieved the same results without her even though I'm sure Ashley would argue otherwise. She knew what I needed even when I didn't and she was my conscious logical voice when I was in too much pain to have one. She was extremely knowledgeable and I could sit and write all day about how amazing she is. I wish I had her for all my other births and she is a permanent part of our family, even our hospital staff thought she was just my amazingly helpful sister. I can not recommend her enough. Thank you Ashley!"

-Christine Cranford

"If you’re at all interested in a doula or are planning a natural birth, I highly recommend you contact Ashley. I posted on a local doula page early in my pregnancy & Ashley saw it when I was in my third trimester. I was hesitant to hire a doula at that point because this was baby #3 for me & my others had been natural (med free) so I felt confident that I could do it again on my own. While I still feel like that’s true, Ashley was more than just a birth partner. She stayed in contact throughout the remainder of my pregnancy & even afterward. During my labor & after she was a huge help at keeping my husband calm & engaged. You see, we chose to have a last minute home birth, during which I lost a lot of blood & ultimately needed a transfusion. My husband was pretty freaked out but Ashley continuously gave him encouragement & backed him up. She was also there during my very worst contraction (which brought me to tears), stepping in to assure me that it would be over soon. She came by the hospital when I had my transfusion a few weeks later & I now consider her a dear friend. Her passion for the birth community is obvious & if I have any future babies I’ll be hiring her again! Thank you Ashley!!!"

-April Ranew

"My husband and I hired Ashley for the birth of our second child & we will be forever grateful for her incredible support. From the very first time we met, she was professional, knowledgeable, & friendly. (She's so easy to talk to...I felt like I've known her for years). Throughout my pregnancy she made sure I was equipped with the knowledge I needed to confidently make decisions (both pregnancy and birth related) that were best for us. During labor, her assistance was next to none!! We had a home/water birth and she was so supportive of our decisions and we were confident with her presence as she's attended many homebirths. She was so attentive to my every need and knew exactly what I needed every step of the way! (She never left my side and was even willing to get soaked while I labored in the shower). Her "doula bag" is packed full of awesome resources that she can offer to help throughout your labor journey! She is a powerhouse of physical and emotional support...and I will always be grateful for those famous hip squeezes during contractions and never ending flow of honey sticks! :) If you're thinking of hiring a doula, do yourself a favor and meet with Ashley!! She is simply the BEST!!!"

-Ashlee Perreault

"Exemplary is a word that doesn't begin to scratch the surface of what Ashley White's services have meant to me and my family. Her ability to collaborate with us in a flexible and creative way, turned... what might have been a potentially severe traumatic event, into a battle that we knew we'd win all along. We laughed in the face of obstacles and contractions, and cried when those obstacles set our plans back. No matter the highs or lows of our birth battle, Ashley was there to offer advice, food, humor, a cool towel, and the most sincere commiseration I or my wife have ever experienced. The strength of Ashley White's enduring kindness puts the strength of whole armies to shame. If you are in the CSRA and want to make sure everything is taken care of, there is absolutely no better choice of doula than Ashley White."

-Joshua Ling

"Ashley was calm, kind, compassionate and supportive. She was a strong force and hero to me when I reached the point of wanting to give up."

-Kay Cee Ling


"I loved working with Ashley. She was such a great advocate for her patient."

-Britton, Labor and Delivery RN, Augusta University Medical Center


"My husband and I hired Ashley for pre-natal, labor & delivery, and post-partum care based on a recommendation from another doula in the area. I was hesitant about hiring a doula at first and initially did not see the need for one; however, as my husband and I are both Active Duty military, we wanted the comfort and continuity that military medicine does not normally provide. I'm really glad that I changed my mind, because hiring Ashley was the best decision we ever made. Off the bat, she was extremely accommodating for meeting times and places. She was very open-minded to our L&D wishes as well as being a wealth of information about aspects we were not knowledgeable on. When the time came that I went into labor I was still a little apprehensive about having another person involved other than my husband. However, Ashley made herself immediately available and made sure that we were not only comfortable, but was careful to not overstep and honored all of our requests. I labored as long as I could at home with Ashley by my side when I needed her, but she also gave me space when I wanted to be on my own. She knew how to perfectly balance my needs without my having to tell her. Once we arrived at the hospital, Ashley helped navigate our interactions with the staff and kept me on track for my birth plan. She not only took care of me, but also made sure my husband was doing well. After the delivery of our baby girl, Ashley offered to stay with us until my mom arrived from out of state even after assisting us for over 17 hours. Finally, a maybe most importantly, is the post partum care that Ashley offers. She has answered every crazy question I've had, helped put my new mom fears to rest, and checked in to see how we were adjusting to parenting life. Ashley's services are truly invaluable and I could not say enough wonderful things about her. If you are in the CSRA and are looking for someone with compassion, knowledge, and expertise I highly recommend Ashley White!"

-Heather Houlton