Birth Photography

*Maiden Musgrove Photography/Rebecca Evans- “I don't just take pictures, I document moments and want my work to be seen more as art than just a photograph. I take a documentary and lifestyle approach to capture raw moments and emotions while striving to provide an organic setting to create images that are not just loved for a moment, but valued for a lifetime.”

*Snap Life Photography/Megan Bowen- “Snap Life Photography strives to provide high quality service to our clients. As a trained labor doula, I have a great understanding of the physiological and psychological process of labor and birth. This education allows me to document births respectfully and at their fullest potential. Birth photography and videography is a wonderful gift to look back on one of the most important days of your life. I hope that you decide to use a professional birth photographer no matter the journey.”

*Little Trees Birth Services/Jen Verdery-

Bradley Method Classes

Labor of Love Birth Services, LLC is proud to partner with Empowered Birth of the CSRA to offer an exclusive discount to clients booking Doula and Childbirth Education Services. Please contact us for more information.

*Empowered Birth CSRA/Amanda and Matt Gearhart- “We took Bradley Method® natural childbirth classes when I was pregnant with our daughter in 2015. As a result, we both felt well prepared for labor and birth. The information taught in the class changed the way we both viewed and approached birth. Afterwards, I felt called to teach these classes myself to help spread the knowledge every woman and her partner are entitled to in order to make informed decisions about their labor. Matt will be teaching with me to provide a male perspective through his own experience with childbirth. In our class, couples can prepare for birth together, strengthening their bond over the course of this 12 week series. The expecting mom and her partner will learn how to best support her individual needs throughout her labor and birth. We are thrilled to be able to share our experience and provide the Bradley Method® natural childbirth class in the CSRA!”

Placenta Encapsulation

*Amity Anderson- (505) 903-0729

*Blissful Birth and Beyond/Amy McCoy-