Adoption/Surrogacy Support


I specialize in newborn adoption support and work alongside every member of the adoption team to help ensure a smooth transition for both the birth mother and the adopting family, through a number of specialized skills that no other adoption professional can offer.

For the Birth Mother

*Assistance in creating a customized birth plan, addressing her needs and desires for labor

*Continuous support during labor and delivery

*Initial support postpartum including assistance with decisions on breastmilk/breastfeeding

*Joining her on her departure from the hospital so she doesn’t have to leave alone

*Providing any resources or referrals that she may need

*The option of one postpartum visit to process the birth and to ensure she has adequate support

For the Adopting Family

*Private education and preparation tailored to suit the needs of the family

*Support during labor, situations may vary if presence during the birth is denied by the birth mother.

*Assistance in how best to support the birth mother during her delivery including respect for her personal wishes surrounding labor.

*Assistance in preparing for the arrival of their newborn

*Postpartum support available through 2 in home visits and via phone for the first 8 weeks after hospital discharge

Newborn Adoption Doulas work with your unique situation and offer services that work in harmony with your entire team. Contact us today for more information! '

Fee for Adoption/Surrogacy Services is $950